The Key Features & Benefits of WorkDESK

WorkDESK, a complete software platform from which you can run your recruitment organisation. Check out WorkDESK's extensive feature list.

Consultant DESKtop Panels

The powerful DESKtop Panels allow each Consultant to create their own DESKtop work spaces. Details of a Consultant's current Job Orders, current Work Rosters, special Clients and preferred Candidates on the Consultant's own DESKtop. Consultants are able to personalise their DESKtops and change them when they want to.


Maintain comprehensive career information for each Candidate and produce shortlists of available Candidates as and when needed. Track a Candidate down by email, SMS text message or letter.

  • Name and Address.
  • Telephone contact numbers for home, business, mobile and message - track down any Candidate using one of several contact numbers. Compile a list of Candidates and send user defined SMS text messages to everyone's mobile phone.
  • Email address and Fax number.
  • Career History - for each Position held, showing the employer, period employed, reason for leaving, detailed position description and referee comments.
  • Education - free form information recording the Candidate's education background.
  • Other Interests - free form information about the Candidate's broader interests.
  • Consultant Comments - post interview remarks about each Candidate as well as memory joggers to help you remember one person amongst many!
  • Notes - details and comments about the Candidate under subject headings
  • Skill Search enables you to locate the right Candidate for the position (Temporary, Contract or Permanent) from the database. Rapid text search through hundreds or thousands of Resumes/CVs or use WorkDESK Skill codes - user defined codes, six character mnemonics - for example TYPING (82wpm), WORDxp (rated 3 on a scale of 1 to 4), WIN7 (Familiar with Windows 7 edition), WEST (lives in Western Suburbs).
  • Resume/CV print - creates and prints out the Candidate's information in a format or formats you design yourself or attaches as a PDF file to an email. Alternatively, WorkDESK attaches a "wrapper" around the Candidate's original Resume/CV - inserting the Candidate's document between your front and back pages, automatically - for you to email or print.
  • On screen colour photographs, either scanned in, imported from a connected digital camera, or graphics file.
  • Scans and interprets the Candidate's original Resume/CV to "Skill code" and store text within the WorkDESK database. The original Word or PDF document can also be attached to the Candidate and all achieved with minimal operator involvement.
  • Document Management keeps track of all documents held for each Candidate, all of which can be viewed on any desktop.
  • Relationship Management - Detailed Contact Tracking History - keeps a record of each conversation and activity with/concerning your Candidate.
  • Referral History automatically tracks all Permanent referrals to and Placements with Clients and all Temporary/Contract assignments, right down to the Timesheet level.
  • Work Roster schedule keeps track of each Candidate's work commitments and helps you manage your Temporary/Contract team.
  • Action Letters - User defined response mailers for every circumstance. Design your own standard letter, email and SMS text messages for every situation using WorkDESK's Document creation Wizard.
  • View all information on file for one Candidate from a single window - no need to move from software package to software package to get a complete picture of a Candidate - it's all there in one place.


Scan Candidate Resumes/CVs and translate them into computer readable text (using inbuilt interpreter software) which are then fed automatically into your WorkDESK database.

  • Read and import Word and PDF documents into WorkDESK as they arrive via email or from Job boards. Easy to configure, set up in minutes.
  • Extract text from the Word document and load into the appropriate fields in the WorkDESK Candidate file.
  • Automatically 'Skill code' a Candidate's Resume/CV - look, no hands! - then automatically compile a Client position shortlist.


Develop a comprehensive picture of each Client and each person with whom you work in the Client organisation, as a by-product of information entered day to day.

  • Street Address & Mail Address, where Invoices and correspondence need to be sent to a mail box address.
  • Phone, Fax, Email and Web Addresses.
  • Provides for multiple Contact Persons, all their contact details and the relationship history for each Client - WorkDESK assumes you might "deal with" a number of contacts in some Client organisations.
  • User defined Contact Person Profiling, helps you track key issues that affect your relationships as a whole with Clients and prospective Clients. You determine those profiled issues and decide how they affect each Client Contact Person.
  • Last Placement Date by Placement Type, is information automatically captured for each Client - for example, when you make a Permanent Placement.
  • Consultants Responsible for Client and Client Contact Persons - who manages which Client, which person is responsible for handling a Client's Permanent, or Temporary/Contract Job Orders.
  • Integrated Debtors/Receivable Ledger - integrated within your Client records, integrated with the Payroll system, integrated with the WorkDESK General Ledger. What does this mean? All these records updated automatically - without using spreadsheets, or having to enter information into other accounting systems. WorkDESK does everything.
  • Automatic Permanent and Temporary Placement Statistics and History - here we have integration at work again, meaning that statistical and management information is automatically compiled. It starts with EACH Timesheet, EACH Job assignment, EACH Client, EACH Candidate, EACH Consultant. Then everything is summarised and the financial information processed into WorkDESK's inbuilt General Ledger
  • List of Job Orders past and in Progress right now - automatic tracking of where you stand with each assignment Details of each Candidate put forward or considered for each Job Order and summary management information available when needed.
  • Search the database for Clients with particular (that is, user defined) characteristics. For example, "use Office 2007", "Windows Vista Pro", "Lawyers involved in Litigation and Family Law", "Windows Server 2008 network".
  • Detailed Contact Tracking History allows you to maintain a complete history of your relationship with each Contact Person for each of your Clients, not forgetting prospective Clients and future followup plans.
  • Action Letters are great for creating standard response mailers for all sorts of reasons - you might want to attach a rate scale, or acknowledge a new assignment, for example.

Relationship Management

Individually tracking the relationship building process with each Client, Client Contact Person and Candidate, ensuring that your company procedures and practices are followed and that Client and Candidate follow-ups happen in a systematic way.

  • Detailed notes for each conversation, visit or other user defined activity, keyed in only once, appear automatically in the relevant Candidate, Client and Job Order records.
  • Standard (user-defined) form letters, emails and SMS text messages can be automatically produced, mailed, emailed or texted automatically following phone calls/visits or other contacts.
  • No more forgotten follow up calls! Enter a re-contact date and a reminder entry will automatically appear in the Consultant's Diary.
  • Automatically compiled computer based Lists may be used to create multiple contact/re-contact entries or targeted mailers for Clients or Candidates.

Secure database access by Candidates and Clients

WeBKit, WorkDESK's powerful e-recruitment "gateway" product connects your web site directly to your WorkDESK database.

  • With WeBKit E-RECRUITMENT IS MADE E-ASIER. Why? Because WeBKit (WorkDESK electronic Business Kit) has been designed to help small and medium sized recruitment professionals utilise the latest communication and information technology to build better business relationships with their Clients and Candidates, directly, rather than through third party products and services.
  • WeBKit IS ABOUT SERVICE you can extend to both Client and Candidate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. WeBKit is a powerful, innovative, state of the art website component, providing an ASP scripting capability to your web designer. It gives your web designer the ability to provide secured access by authorised Candidates and Clients to your WorkDESK database.
  • WeBKit sits on your web site, plugs into your web pages and, operating in tandem with your WorkDESK software, enables you to leverage the value of your WorkDESK database by making it a customer service tool.
  • WeBKit is about you managing your Candidates through your website. No sharing with other organisations.
  • PROVIDE SUPREME SERVICE. Service and solutions for your clients around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. View some WeBKit screen examples.

Working out of the Office

WalkDESK the companion product that allows you to download current Client, Candidate, Job Order and Work Roster information and take it home or 'on the road' using a PDA.

Searches can be carried out, new Job Orders added and Candidate Rosters can be updated, automatically. Just drop the PDA in its cradle when you get back to base!


A separate built-in Diary for each Consultant, accessible when working in various areas of WorkDESK, plus a company wide Diary to keep track of what else is going on. The WorkDESK Diary can also share information with your Outlook Calendar.

  • Integrated with Client, Candidate, and Job Order files - enter the information once and it is automatically cross-referenced to the relevant Client, Candidate and Job Order.
  • Integrated with Relationship Management Contact Tracking - helps you to manage individual relationships with Clients and Candidates.


Whether you pay five, fifty or 50,000 Temporary or Permanent Employees, or Contractors, WorkDESK Payroll manages the payment procedures for you.

  • Pay Temporary staff and Contractors, as well as Permanent Staff members (up to five WorkDESK users can be preparing payrolls at the same time ).
  • Pay your Temporary and Contract staff by Timesheet. That same Timesheet then automatically invoices your Client, minimising handling costs, the risk of data entry mistakes and reduces Payroll and Invoice preparation time.
  • Pay permanent staff members by default (same each week plus/minus any adjustments) - so easy to use! Enter any changes for this pay and press 'Commence'.
  • Tracks Holiday, Sick and Long Service entitlements and automatically maintains ongoing Payment Ledger - no more searching frantically through files when someone leaves.
  • User defined Pay Advices - what do you want to appear on Pay Advices to your Temps, Contractors and permanent Employees?
  • Automatically create and dispatch Pay Advices as a read only PDF attached to an email.
  • Calculate and deduct PAYG Withholding, add GST to Subcontractor Payments, even create RCTI's (Recipient Created Tax Invoices). You will require prior approval from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) to use this feature.
  • Pay by Cash, Cheque (will print the cheque for you on single sheet pre-printed cheques or continuous feed) or by an electronic funds transfer file that can be fed into all major banks and credit unions.
  • WorkDESK always saves (and can re-print if necessary) copies of all the Payroll preparation audit trails and Pay Advices.
  • User defined Allowances and Deductions - pays or deducts as an amount, by number of hours worked, number of days worked, as a percentage or notionally (that is, include amount for purposes of calculating tax, but do not pay).
  • Calculates Taxes Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, or Monthly. You pay your Temp workers fortnightly? No problem!
  • Pays all Timesheets for one pay period on one cheque or by one electronic payment. Want to make payments to multiple financial institutions for an Employee? WorkDESK does that too.
  • Maintains a comprehensive Pay-by-Pay History Ledger, showing Gross Pay, Taxes and Withholdings and Net, plus a detailed breakdown of time and amount for each Job Order paid with each cheque. Need a copy of the Employee's Pay Advice? Re-print, or directly email on demand, at any time. Last year query? Don't worry, a copy is still available!
  • Prints Payment Summaries. WorkDESK has automatic ATO approval for you to print plain paper Payment Summaries and to file the ATO copy electronically. Prepared for new electronic reporting provisions for 2009/2010.
  • Calculates Superannuation and maintains a Super Ledger of contributions pay-by-pay. Starts calculating as the Employee reaches the $450 threshold, doesn't accrue for the over seventies or for eighteen year olds and under who work less than thirty hours per week. Salary sacrifice up to 100%, or an Amount per pay.
  • Calculates Child Support payments for each pay automatically on an individual basis considering the threshold and includes section 72A deductions.
  • Automatically handles all bookkeeping and reporting for Recruitment Super (RCSA Fund), including reporting new arrivals, monthly contributions, departures and address changes. Other funds are tracked automatically and a deduction list is produced for each Fund on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Creates comprehensive, detailed costing and profitability information for each Timesheet, including breakdown of costs including Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax and Superannuation, as well as other cost components.
  • Creates an accrual during the Payrun update for each fixed and variable Overhead component cost - Superannuation (actual), Workers Compensation (actual), Payroll Tax (provision), Holiday entitlements (provision) and makes entries into your General Ledger for each.
  • Up to ten different Pay Rates on each Timesheet and up to eight Allowances may be paid with each Timesheet.


Using the same Timesheet that pays your Employee or Contractor you can automatically invoice your Client, with an Invoice layout that you have designed yourself.

  • Automatic Invoicing from Permanent placement information recorded for each individual Job Order.
  • Automatic Invoicing from Employee Timesheets for Temporary and Contract placements.
  • User designed Invoice Layouts - don't use pre-designed Invoice layouts, design your own, to fit in with the way you operate your business, or your clients operate theirs.
  • Invoice one Timesheet per Invoice or many - if your Client wants all Timesheets for a particular period to be charged on one Invoice, certainly, no problem! If you want to pay the Employee weekly and Invoice the Client fortnightly, certainly, no problem!
  • Automatically update Client Debtors Ledger, Client Placement History, Client accumulated placement statistics and Consultant Weekly Performance information. When an Invoice is produced, it is the first step in a series which AUTOMATICALLY accumulate all manner of management and accounting information.
  • Sales Journal automatically updated and processed to your General Ledger during Client end of week/month procedures.
  • Optional dispatch of Invoices as a read only PDF attachment to an email for selected Clients - save handling costs, save stationery costs, save postage costs, speed up Invoice turnaround time.

Accounts Receivable

Managing your Debtors Ledger.

  • Aged Balances for Current, 30, 60 and 90 days or Current, 7, 14 and 21 Days. Make your choice and make the management of your Clients' unpaid accounts a less stressful task.
  • Full Accounting reports, Receivable Ledger, Aged Receivable Ledger by Client, Aged Receivable Ledger by Consultant responsible. Receivable Ledger for an individual Branch or Department.
  • With the manual Invoices procedure you can produce a printed invoice or make direct entries to the Ledger for each Client and update statistics (enabling you to process adjustments or produce Invoices and Credit Notes not otherwise automatically produced by the system).
  • Credit Limit/Credit Hold automatically monitored for each Client - prevents accidental placements with Clients who have exceeded their credit limit.
  • Average days to payment shows you the average time taken to pay by each Client during the preceding 12 months
  • Statements and Invoices may be printed or prepared and emailed on demand - makes the accounting paperwork process a simple one.
  • Full Ledger accounting, either Open Item (invoices retained until paid) or Balance Forward (all Ledger Entries deleted at the end of each Accounting Period (month)).
  • User designed Invoice layouts (one layout or many) let you create standard Invoice layouts, for Temporary, Permanent and Contract placements as well as individualised layouts for Clients with specific Invoice presentation needs.
  • Automatic update of Client Receivable Ledger (Debtors Ledger) plus Client Placement History statistics, Client accumulated placement summary, and Client and Consultant weekly placement statistics history.
  • Invoice one Timesheet per Invoice or many - the Invoice layouts that you design can automatically produce Invoices that present one Timesheet or Placement per Invoice - or all Timesheets or Placements in a given period - or for a specific Customer Order on the one Invoice form.
  • Optionally keeps a copy of each Invoice produced, for subsequent review or re-printing, or emailing. No need to rummage through filing cabinets, just click on the icon and print a copy of the original Invoice. Client wants copies? Easy - highlight, right mouse and send attached to an email. Missing a whole batch of Invoices? Re-print them easily.
  • Revenue Ledger (Sales Journal) is automatically updated and processed to the General Ledger during the Client End of Period (month) procedure.
  • Permanent Placements are automatically invoiced using information recorded on Job Orders by the Consultant when the placement is made.
  • Temporary/Contract Invoices are automatically produced from Employee Timesheets, so you have no transcription problems and no double entry. The same Timesheets that pay your employees are used to invoice your clients - how easy is that?
  • WorkDESK GST Accounting automatically compiles a Business Activity audit trail for each aspect of reconciliation and compiles totals for BAS (Business Activity Statement) for monthly, quarterly and/or annual returns.

Accounts Payable

Helps you keep track of Supplier Invoices - how much you owe at any time.

  • Full Ledger accounting with Invoices retained on file until paid - comprehensive creditor ledger manages the status of each individual supplier invoice.
  • Manually entered payments, or automatic payment by cheque or EFT - multiple payment options provide the greatest flexibility for cash flow management.
  • User-designed Remittance Advice/Cheque layout - present payment information to your supplier using our standard payment advice/cheque layouts or design your own.
  • Provision for "holdover" amounts when payments are made - process the supplier invoice into your accounting records but automatically withhold all or part of the value when making payment.
  • Fully automatic integrated GST and PAYG accounting - handles PAYG recording, tracks the ABN of each supplier and, for suppliers with no ABN, withholds PAYG where required.
  • Creditor Trial Balance, Ledger and Cash Commitments reporting - check your financial status at any time and plan your cash flow.
  • Email Remittance Advice - automatically create and email a Remittance Advice when making payment. Save paper-handling, save time, save postage.

General Ledger and Financial Reporting

The heart of a fully integrated software product. WorkDESK's comprehensive General Ledger provides for automatic financial reporting as a by-product of day to day processing of information.

  • Simple or Complex General Ledger Chart Structures - whether you are operating a small office services organisation or a national or international organisation, you can create a WorkDESK General Ledger specifically for your needs, to enable you to better manage your business.
  • Different account numbering structures (999.99, 999.999, 9999.99 999999, AA9999).
  • Multiple Branch, Multiple Location, Multiple Profit Centres with automatic creation of entries in Payroll and Billing procedures to the correct Branch/Profit Centre based on Job Order information.
  • Fifteen User defined Accounting periods - you decide the start and end dates of each accounting period. Because there are fifteen periods you can continue processing live accounting information when one financial year ends and the next begins.
  • Fifteen Budget totals - sets targets for each cost account in your Profit and Loss Account for Budget management report(s) production.
  • Fifteen last year comparative totals - shows the total revenue or expenditure for each General Ledger account for each accounting period (month).
  • All transactions for the year can be viewed or printed by accounting period (month) - every entry for the current Financial Year is immediately accessible.
  • Multiple Company Consolidation reports - automatic Financial Report consolidation for a group of companies - at the touch of a button.
  • Export Financial information, Trial Balance or Ledger entries to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis, graphing or import into other Financial software.


One Hundred plus standard reports are always at your fingertips. Information is compiled automatically as you use your WorkDESK system.

  • Powerful reporting capability with standard reports provide instant access to valuable information on all aspects of your business operations.
  • On screen preview of reports - most reports can be previewed before you print them, many reports can also be exported directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Save trees, make sure that you are printing the correct report.
  • The (optional) Report Generator module enables you to design 'one off' reports for your needs or for the requirements of particular Clients.
  • Candidate Reports - who's working, who's available, Resume/CV layout, referral history and much more.
  • Consultant Reports - Three monthly management reports and three weekly management reports reflect each Consultant's placement statistics for some prior period or at the minute.
  • Commission Payable Reports - List of all Invoices (including part share) for each Consultant paid during the current week/month.
  • Job Order Reports - registers of assignments on file, jobs in progress, jobs completing, jobs starting.
  • Payroll Reports - manage your temporary, permanent and contract staff using a range of standard payroll reports.
  • Ledger Print - a detailed breakdown of General Ledger account information.
  • Trial Balance print - totals for each Ledger account for the period you choose in the current financial year.
  • Financial - the health and profitability of your company available at the touch of a button at any time, even right now!

Report Generator

If one of the hundred plus standard reports do not provide you with the exact information you need, then create your own additional reports, using this (add-on) WorkDESK option. Or we can create them for you.

  • Include report presentation - print alpha and numeric information, in columns, add field totals, add column totals, calculate and display percentages.
  • Design the input screen layout - not only the printed output but also the questions that you want asked before WorkDESK creates the report.
  • Output to your printer, to an Excel spreadsheet, or to a file - create comma delimited or other file layouts to export information from WorkDESK to other computer software.
  • You will need some computing type skills to use the report generator. If you don't have these skills, don't worry - we can write the report for you.

Document and Form Design

Design your own presentation style for documents printed by the system; Invoices, Employee Pay Advices, Statements, standard Letters, emails, text messages and other documents.

  • Powerful DocumentWriter software allows you to design and produce your own letter/contract/form layouts, incorporating lines, boxes, shading, graphics and including data from the Client, Candidate and Job Order records.
  • Resumes/CVs created automatically from each Candidate's information.
  • Letters, Emails or SMS text messages produced on the desktop sent to Clients or Candidates.Send marketing letters, thank you letters, or "Are you available?" messages.
  • Contracts and order confirmations - automatically build the necessary documentation for both Temporary and Contract assignments for both Candidate and Client.
  • Invoices - design Invoice presentation layouts for general use as well as those tailored for individual Clients or groups of Clients(,) - one placement/Timesheet per Invoice or all placements/Timesheets for a particular period.
  • Statements - showing your Clients' account status, listing Invoices sent and amounts received so far.
  • Pay Advice/Cheques - custom design your Temp/Contractor Pay Advices, (plus Pay Advices) as well as your permanent Employees. Select from a range of standard layouts or design your own "from scratch".
  • Accounts Payable Remittance Advices/Cheques - Pay your suppliers using a system created Payment Advice either attached to a pre-printed cheque form, or as a record that the payment has been made electronically.
  • Labels, continuous or single sheet laser - print a wide range of labels as an automatic by-product of payroll preparation, Invoicing, Payable Remittance and PAYG Payment Summary printing.

Multiple Branch / Multiple Location / Multiple databases

Current Terminal Services technology makes it so easy to centralise your data in one location but give every Consultant in every Branch Office immediate online access. WorkDESK even allows you to have a single or multiple databases, with controlled access to all or parts of a database. Only authorise access to Client, Candidate and Job Order records for a User's own Branch.

If you operate more than one company, WorkDESK provides for multiple databases, with separate recording and separate reporting.

  • WorkDESK will manage up to 250 separate, self contained databases, or "Groups" as they are called in WorkDESK, on a single server.
  • There is no direct relationship between the individual WorkDESK Groups and you cannot access data within one Group from another EXCEPT for General Ledger Consolidated Financial Reports, which adds current Ledger Balances for one or more Groups to the current Group for purposes of printing a Trading, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet summarising the financial status of all Groups selected.

Security, Security, Security

How WorkDESK looks after your database and allows you to limit access to sensitive information to those in the organisation who "need to know".

  • Each user has a login code and a password which the designated 'System Manager' within your organisation can change at any time - you control who has access to your database.
  • Multiple offices? WorkDESK allows you to grant access to the user only to Clients, Candidates or Job Orders from that user's office.
  • Each WorkDESK Menu Item and most "tabs" and each "print" button within WorkDESK screens also have an associated security level. Each user can only access menu items and tabs that have a security level less than or equal to the user's security level.