Getting Started

Installing your WorkDESK Software

A QuickStart Installation Guide leads you carefully step by step through the installation and configuration procedures. After a few minutes for the main server and a minute or two for each workstation you are ready to go. The software licence purchase price includes 90 days of free unlimited telephone support (during normal business hours) to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Transferring Data from Your Existing Database into WorkDESK

In many cases you will be able to import data from your existing computer database into Client, Candidate, Job Order, Payroll and many other areas of WorkDESK, provided your existing software is capable of exporting to comma-delimited (CSV) files (or an Excel spreadsheet). The data requirements for the WorkDESK import utility are available in a document in Acrobat format.

Alternatively, speak with WorkDESK Sales and they will provide a quotation for carrying out the data conversion on your behalf.

You can "move over" to WorkDESK at any time in your Financial year, as it is possible to enter "Year to Date" opening accounting balances for Client Accounting, Employee Payroll, Accounts Payable and General Ledger whenever you are ready. You can "parallel run" against your existing system if you wish, or you can commence live processing as soon as you install the WorkDESK software.


Tutorials, including screen by screen walkthroughs, are built into the software. Comprehensive Manuals are built into the software and are accessed from any screen.


On-site Training and Installation services (training in your own office) are available by prior arrangement and subject to a minimum number of hours at our standard hourly on-site rate. On-site Training is not part of the basic WorkDESK User Licence cost. Guided training on live data via the internet, is also available with a couple of days notice.