Introducing WorkDESK Recruitment Software

WorkDESK is an all-purpose software product designed specifically for recruitment professionals to address real recruitment issues.

WorkDESK is a single, complete solution.

WorkDESK is fully integrated .

WorkDESK is procedure driven because your office procedures and practices are built-in and individual users are monitored by WorkDESK to ensure that they comply with your operational requirements.

WorkDESK is Windows based. You can use the latest recruitment technology together with other Windows Office productivity software, including Outlook and Word.

WorkDESK is evolutionary. The software continuously evolves and changes, keeping pace with recruitment industry needs, advances in technology and changes in government requirements.

WorkDESK is suitable for any number of users, designed to be equally at home in a small office or on a large corporation's network.

WorkDESK is for organisations with a single office or multiple offices, designed to operate in a single location or in multiple locations, in the same city, around the country or around the world, either sharing the same database or using a series of databases.

WorkDESK is an easy to use tool for Consultants, for Management, for Accountants, for Marketers and for support staff.

WorkDESK runs on Windows XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 workstations, attached to Windows 2003/2008/Small Business Server servers, or any Microsoft supported legacy workstation running from a Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services servers.

WorkDESK software includes inbuilt documentation and training for ease of use and minimisation of training costs.