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01Easy allocation of resources for faster more efficient onboarding

02 send reminders and notifications to keep all parties updated, reducing delays and discrepancies

03 ensures compliance with industry regulations and company policies through automated checks and balances. The software is fully compliant with Australian Tax Office (ATO) regulations, including Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

04 enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the billing process through advanced automation. The software seamlessly integrates employee timesheets with client approvals, ensuring that billing is based directly on approved hours with no discrepancies.


01 accelerates the onboarding process and expertly manages resource allocations, ensuring that clients can effortlesslyadjust team sizes and compositions in response to evolvingproject demands

02 timesheet approval is streamlined and error-free, allowing clients to easily verify and approve billable hours, ensuring accuracy in payroll and billing, and enhancing trust across all levels of project management

03 ensures that clients consistently adhere to industry regulations and standards

04 guarantees precise billing by aligning invoices with approved timesheets and accurate resource allocations, minimizing financial discrepancies and fostering transparent, trust-based relationships with all stakeholders


01 secure and easily accessible online repository where employees can store and manage all essential documents, such as contracts, pay slips, and certification papers

02 view rosters, receive updates in real-time, and submit timesheets through a user-friendly interface

03 ensures precise and prompt payroll processing, automatically calculating salaries, taxes, and entitlements like overtime and leave, thereby guaranteeing that every employee receives the correct pay on schedule, with comprehensive breakdowns for complete transparency

04 fosters better communication and engagement within the workplace. The platform features tools for direct messaging, announcements, and feedback


Single-Platform Business Solution 

WorkDESK is fully integrated platform, one single system for every aspect of your recruitment and labour hire practice.  WorkDESK takes away the need to migrate data from one system to another and incorporates the following pillars into a solid, tried and true platform: 

Recruit + Plac

    • Attracting the best candidates
    • Interviewing, onboarding, induction
    • Placing them in the right position 

Clients + Rosters + Timesheets

    • Maintain client and candidate relationships
    • Track and schedule contacts and follow-ups
    • Manage rosters for labour hire 
    • Timesheets
    • Client Approval Process

Payroll + Accounts

    • Match timesheets to rosters, and generate pay runs
    • Invoice clients, manage receivables
    • Maintain General Ledger accounts for your business 

Compliance + Reporting 

    • PAYG, SGC and GST 
    • Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting 
    • Management Reporting and Budgeting 

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