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JobKeeper Extension Payments in WorkDESK

Update changes Version 4 - 21/09/2020

On top of the existing Job Keeper requirements, there is now an additional requirement where you must report an employee has Tier1 or Tier2 depending on the how many hours an employee worked in a prior reference period.
Information for these requirements are available in this document and in more detail on the ATO website.
This is reported once per employee with the description JOBKEEPER-TIER1 or JOBKEEPERTIER2.
You’re not required to report it for the same employee again so you would do this at the same time you report the Start Fortnight for an employee.
If you have employees currently on job keeper you will need to report the Tier once for them before the next reporting period (before the end of October).
If you have employees that have finished (had a finish fortnight) you’re not required to report a Tier unless they become eligible again.

You will not require a software update to report Tiers to the ATO, this will work in the current release.

Updated Documentation

Please visit the links below for the ATO website to keep up to date with all the reporting rules. We recommend you review and check this site regularly for any changes here: