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WorkDESK Update: 12.5104 – STP2 Balancing Report

WorkDESK Update Kit 12.5104 (27/06/2022)

The upgrade can be downloaded and installed anytime, however it must be
installed prior to completing Payroll End of Year 2022 & will
require all users to be logged out of WorkDESK for the duration of the

The upgrade password is emailed separately to current WorkDESK Subscribers.inks to the end of Year Notes are below, Click on each link to view or right click each to download/ save as.

WorkDESK STP2 Service Upgrade Manual – Download – An update is required to the WorkDESK STP2 service and SQL Data. After installing this update please organise for
1) This service to be updated and follow the instructions in this document.
2) The Query mentioned in these notes section 6 applied to every active database.
This is will likely need to be completed by your IT Support or WorkDESK Support, whoever originally helped you setup this service.

End of Year 2022 – Payroll v1 Manual – Download – Please download read through the updated Payroll End of Year Notes before proceeding with Payroll End of Year.

End of Year 2022 – Accounting Manual – Download – Please download read through the update Accounting End of Year Notes before proceeding with your Accounting year end.

2022 PAYG Payment Summary Printing Manual – Download – Optional – Download and read through only if you are required to print PAYG Summaries (e.g. you could not complete your STP reporting obligations by July 14).

12.5104 Update Instructions – Instructions for installing the WorkDESK 12.5104 Update (All User’s) – Instructions are the same as for 12.3275.

Upgrade WorkDESK Outlook Integration.pdf – This upgrade contains Outlook Integration 12.5018 for Office 2019. If you are experiencing issues with your current version of Outlook Integration you should uninstall your previous version and have 12.5018 installed. This version will support Office 2016 32 bit and 64 bit

Installing WdServer service.pdf – WDServer should not require re-installation for this upgrade. These notes should assist with stopping/ starting these services referenced in the update instructions.


The following issues have been addressed since the last upgrade​

  • (AU) Columns added to the STP2 Detail Report – PAYG Summ Gross, PAYG Summ Tax, Gross Variation, Tax Variation
    – Allows you to compare the employees PAYG Summary Gross and Tax (old system) to their new STP2 Gross/ Tax.
    – Allows to check and balance for configuration or data issues easily. Useful at End of Year to compare STP2 reporting to old PAYG Summary style.

  • (AU) Fixed issue where some employees overtime was reported as gross or not at all. Can be detected by above report.

  • (AU) Fix character issue with STP2 employee codes containing single quotes.

  • (AU) Resolved some instances of Employee Country Codes showing as blank instead of Null or empty.