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WorkDESK Update: 12.5024 – NZ End of Year

WorkDESK Update Kit 12.5024 (26/02/2021)

NZ End of Year 2021

The upgrade can be downloaded and installed anytime, however it will require all users to be logged out of WorkDESK for the duration of the install.
NZ EOY 2021 notes can be downloaded by clicking here: YEAR_END_2021_USER_NZ.pdf
You must read through these notes before completing payroll end of year and before processing your first payrun for 2021-2022.

The upgrade password is emailed separately to current WorkDESK Subscribers.

12.5024 Update Instructions – Instructions for installing the WorkDESK 12.5024 Update (All User’s) – Instructions are the same as for 12.3275.

Upgrade WorkDESK Outlook Integration.pdf – This upgrade contains a new version of Outlook Integration 12.5018 for Office 2019. If you are experiencing issues with your current version of Outlook Integration you should uninstall your previous version and have 12.5018 installed. This version will support Office 2016 32 bit and 64 bit

The following issues have been addressed since the last upgrade​

  • (NZ) Payroll End of Year 2021
  • (NZ) Added Tax codes SA and SA SL & changes to pay calculations for these new tax codes.
  • (NZ) Added KiwiSaver Eligibility and Status inputs to tax screen.
  • (NZ) Added flags to employee to process starters, leavers and opt-outs- Flag and initialise KiwiSaver Eligibility and Status when adding new employees.
  • (NZ) Added flag when terminating an employee to prompt for a termination dateto  include employee in Employee Details report.
  • (NZ) Changes to the Payday Filing Employee Information submission information.
  • (NZ) Changes to the Payday filing Employee Details submission information – to include new flags for starters, leavers, opt-outs.