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Payroll + Accounts

Getting payroll right is a real challenge in the Australian marketplace; each point of data entry is a margin for error. With complicated awards and legislation, this can result in a stressful part of being in the labour-hire business, especially if you’re using separate systems to roster, pay and finalise accounts.

WorkDESK is a single system. The rostering of candidates to a job is matched directly to timesheets, payroll and ultimately client invoicing. There is no re-entry or “exporting” data into a third-party payroll or accounting system. If you need to make a change, you make it in one place only. 

At its core, WorkDESK is a comprehensive General Ledger accounting platform. The ability to generate and send payslips, accrue tax, Workers Compensation and Superannuation liabilities is built in. 

Hence if you are a company that needs to invoice clients, track aged receivables, pay bills and run business budgets, then WorkDESK brings all of this at your fingertips.