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WorkDESK Update: 12.5015

WorkDESK Update Kit 12.5015 (29/04/2020)

Keep up to date with all the JobKeeper Payment changes on our JobKeeper Payments in WorkDESK page.

The upgrade can be downloaded and installed anytime, however it will require all users to be logged out of WorkDESK for the duration of the install.
During the first login after installing this upgrade you will be prompted with I29655 about changing a consultant record layout. Press OK to this message and perform a backup once prompted. This should only occur once for each database.

The upgrade password is emailed separately to current WorkDESK Subscribers.

AUSKey Replacement – Machine Credentials Manual The ATO have decommissioned the AUSkey service at the end of March 2020. For submitting STP pay information through WorkDESK you will need to replace your AUSkey with a Machine Credential. Follow the instructions in the manual linked above to complete this transition.

WorkDESK Single Touch Payroll Manual – Please ensure you’ve read the Single Touch Payroll manual before activating STP in WorkDESK

12.5015 Update Instructions – Instructions for installing the WorkDESK 12.5015 Update (All User’s) – Instructions are the same as for 12.3275.

Upgrade WorkDESK Outlook Integration.pdf – This upgrade contains a new version of Outlook Integration 12.5011 for Office 2019 if you are experiencing issues with your current version of Outlook Integration you should uninstall your previous version and have 12.5011 installed.
This version will support Office 2016 32 bit and 64 bit

Installing WdServer service.pdf – WDServer should not require re-installation for this upgrade. These notes should assist with stopping/ starting these services referenced in the update instructions.

The following issues have been addressed since the last upgrade​

  • (AU) JobKeeper Allowance Payment Release

  • (AU) STP – Reportable Allowance YTD values were reporting incorrectly in the first generated STP Excel spreadsheet during payrun.

  • (AU) STP  – The bank processing passed to STP was dependent on a flag to create an EFT flat file and employees are being paid by EFT. Removed this dependency. If a bank processing date is entered, that value will be used. Otherwise the payrun end date will be used.