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WorkDESK Update: 12.5020 – Tax Table Update

WorkDESK Update Kit 12.5020 (14/10/2020)

EOY20AU-OctoberTaxTables.pdf – PDF Download

The upgrade can be downloaded and installed anytime, however it will require all users to be logged out of WorkDESK for the duration of the install.
The upgrade password is emailed separately to current WorkDESK Subscribers.

The Import Manual above – EOY20AU-OctoberTaxTables.pdf contains detailed steps for importing and checking your tax tables after importing. Please download and read through the steps before proceeding. 
You are required to download and install the upgrade kit before importing the tax tables.

Keep up to date with all the JobKeeper Payment changes on our JobKeeper Payments in WorkDESK page.

WorkDESK Single Touch Payroll Manual – Please ensure you’ve read the Single Touch Payroll manual before activating STP in WorkDESK

12.5018 Update Instructions – Instructions for installing the WorkDESK 12.5018 Update (All User’s) – Instructions are the same as for 12.3275.

Upgrade WorkDESK Outlook Integration.pdf – This upgrade contains a new version of Outlook Integration 12.5017 for Office 2019. If you are experiencing issues with your current version of Outlook Integration you should uninstall your previous version and have 12.5017 installed.
This version will support Office 2016 32 bit and 64 bit

Installing WdServer service.pdf – WDServer should not require re-installation for this upgrade. These notes should assist with stopping/ starting these services referenced in the update instructions.

The following issues have been addressed since the last upgrade​

  •  (AU) Tax Tables October 2020 – Update includes changes for Medicare Levy for payments October 13 2020 – 30 June 2021.

  • (AU) Tax Tables October 2020 – An import file TAXTABLE.CSV is included in this upgrade for payments October 13 2020 – 30 June 2021. It not already imported, it can be imported in System -> System Control -> Automatic File Loading and select “Tax Table Maintenance”. Leave all other items not selected and click Install.

  • Outlook Integration 12.5018: When de-selecting Outlook folders to monitor in WorkDESK, Outlook Integration still monitored inbox by default and copies of incoming emails were still made to the WorkDESKIn sub-folder. This is now resolved so if all Outlook folders are de-selected, no copies of emails are made in Outlook.